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Diving Training

The trainings organised by us belong to the most demanding ones on the market and are conducted in small groups so as to achieve the proper result. They comprise the scope from the beginners wanting to try to advanced technical levels.

We offer two federations: GUE and ISE. We invite you to check the training program.

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If you would like to increase your qualifications or commence diving in other than GUE or ISE federation, our colleague Krzysztof Wnorowski from CN Tryton conducts lessons for beginners in the framework of IANTD program, Krzysiek Starnawski carries out advanced grades sessions.

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The lessons are conducted in small groups and require large engagement but they significantly increase the level of skills and psychic comfort, they make you aware of the dangers and provide knowledge of what everyone can afford to and what he/she should avoid.

For the persons interested – wanting to improve their skills, we organise workshops or just diving together.