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In this Gallery is a selection of photos and films from our diving trips. They are only low resolution but we hope they will at least to some extent show the unique climate of diving in the Baltic Sea. Some of the pictures were provided courtesy of our colleague Tomek Stachura (SANTI) and Leszek Legat. We encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list in order to receive the latest information about our wreck diving trips.

PHOTO Gallery - wrecks

   Bryza 16 m
   Wooden wreck 63m
   Franken 70m
   Graff Zeppelin 83m
  Ślązak 30m
   Stuttgat 20m
   No name bow 72 m
   No name stern 72m
   Trałowiec 40m
   U 272 72m
   U 346 53m
   Wooden wreck 40m
   ORP Delfin


VIDEO Gallery

   Streamer wreck 16m
   Trałowiec 40m
   Franken middle section 70m
   Franken rufa 70m
   Uboot 72m (U272)
   No name wreck, stern 72m
   No name wreck 70m
   Stuttgart 20m
   Bryza 17m
   Scooters Gavin & X
   Parker RIB 900
   Norwegia część 1
   Norwegia część 2
   ORP Delfin
   Wrak drewniany na 63m

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